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morro bay, ca

A family business:

Grassy Bar is an oyster bed on California's central coast owned and operated by the Trevelyan family since 2009. Founder and owner George Trevelyan brings over 21 years of experience in the shellfish business to this wild site in Morro Bay. We are thrilled about the taste and beauty of the oysters here and can't wait to share them with you.

Our oysters are cultivated and harvested by hand with careful attention. They are extremely environmentally friendly, and a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Seafood Watch includes oysters in "the best of the best" on their Super Green List of seafood recommendations, based on the low level of environmental contaminants and rich health benefits.

We are proud to be working with Santa Monica Seafood to distribute our oysters fresh and intact to restaurants and markets from San Diego all the way to Monterey.

Grassy Bars are available nationwide with overnight shipping from Giovanni's Fish Market as well as locally at their store on the Embarcadero.

Thanks for trying Grassy Bars!

-George Trevelyan

Be sure to check for updates on our Facebook page and let us know how you like our oysters!

A truly local experience: taste the sea

Our oysters present a unique flavor profile influenced by the salinity and ecology of the waters that flow in and out of Morro Bay.

A Grassy Bar Oyster hits the palate with a strong, briny flavor of salt and the ocean followed by the unmistakeable freshness of garden cucumber and a lingering wet-river-stone minerality.* We think they are best enjoyed with just a squeeze of lemon.

*Thanks to Jesse Pender (winemaker and sommelier) for his help describing our oysters.

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Our oysters are also great on the BBQ, pictured above with garlic butter, panko, parmesan, cayenne pepper and parsley. Serve with a sliced baguette and cucumber salad for an excellent meal.

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Cared for by hand: from seed to harvest

All Grassy Bar oysters are tended and sorted by hand. From the day they are planted as tiny "seed" all the way up to our large size class we strive to provide the optimal conditions for them to grow into deep cupped, thick shelled, healthy oysters.

We grow them in mesh bags directly on the natural mudflats in Morro Bay's intertidal zone. Our market-ready oysters are raised off the bottom onto racks for a few days before harvest to purge any silt that could be in their shells. On harvest day they are lifted from the clean, cold water of the bay, washed, and individually inspected and counted.

We do what we can, but the magic is in the water!

Many of the images used on this page were provided by Courtney Dawn Photography. Thanks Courtney!